Disney on Ice

Ever been to a Disney on Ice show before? Well I hadn’t until I was forced to go by my daughter who had been asking for months. I reluctantly gave in and got tickets to the Disney of Ice show. These shows tend to have differently themes to them and the show we happened to got was inspired by the Frozen movie.

I was skeptical at first but seeing my daughter’s reaction to the performance, it was money well spent. The show wasn’t too long and we just happened to have good seats. I think if you are planning to go, choose your seats carefully so that you will have a good view.

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Blues legends

If you could choose your top five blues legends, who would you choose?

Off the top of my head, I would need to have John Lee Hooker, BB King, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughan and a modern legend Joe Bonamassa.

Joe Bonamassa


Joe Bonamassa

One of my favourite guitarists just so happens to be playing an upcoming tour this year,  Looking forward to the gigs. Always a good crowd and puts on a pretty good show. His style has always reminded me of great blues guitarists of the past like SRV and Gary Moore. See WhatsOnOregon.com to find out more.

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Great Gigs

Why I made this site>


I love going to events – whether its concerts, the theatre of going to a ball game. So I thought I would post some stuff on here about the events I love to go to and any upcoming events you might be interested in.